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The Universal Basic Income Party of Australia (to be known as UBIPA) invites people to express their interest in the general concept of a universal basic income. As a non-profit, the organisation's constitution expressly forbids payments to directors. The aim is to receive sufficient donations to be able to employ an active, energetic professional staff, to campaign for better social welfare policies. We would just like to see Australia become a much better, more loving society. 

We were extremely distressed by the Morrison government's policies, such as reducing taxation to high income earners at the expense of social welfare and the inhumane treatment of tens of thousands of Australians trapped abroad. We hope those unable to travel to family or friends, with this latest covid outburst, will think again about the suffering of those that were trapped abroad for months.

The aim of UBIPA is to create a political party if we can obtain the required' 500 members, required by the Australian Electoral Commission. We need to establish a strong campaigning base within the general public, something concrete, rather than yet another trial or another academic discussion of different methods. Of course we will always support good research but what we need right now is ACTION. The more delay, the more human suffering.

If the public supports these goals and  people are willing to join the group, then we will organise a conference to vote upon the method of UBI preferred by our supporters. We want action now. If we could get a senator elected into parliament, it will make a great difference.

As a single-issue party, we accept people joining even if they are already members of another political party. The problem is that many people support the stance of one party on one issue but, at the same time, like the stance of another party on a different issue.  This is a serious problem in a party democracy. Supporters of a UBI have come from all political persuasions, from the far right to the far left. It may be hard to pursue a UBI within the standard national party of their normal choice. We will show that, despite the statements of other party leaders. there is strong support for this policy across the whole nation, and thus it should be pursued.

Many people today live on an age pension, which is basically is the equivalent of a 'conditional means-testedl' UBI. It is great, though we do not see why couples should get 40% less. if they live with someone. Okay, it reduces their costs, but, if someone reduces their costs by running one car instead of two, or giving up, smoking, Centrelink does not penaiise them. As it is, the partnering rules pressure people to live apart, which is not good for their health. You could say Centrelink is "ANTI LOVE"! .Or even that they want people to die off as soon as possible, as they are a cost to the state! Our society needs to do much more than worrying about money all the time. Money shortages for the state should not be turned into money shortages for the poor. 

Enough of that, join UBIPA, and let's ensure that everyone has enough income not to have to live in poverty, unable to pay for instance, for decent food, accommodation, and education, while being provided with support for dentistry or other health needs. Anybody, that blandly says a UBI is unaffordable, is simply wrong. It will depend on the form of UBI and the structure of the taxation system. Detractors tend to espouse the current societal framework that does not seriously support those in need. This needs to change.. Priorities need to change. Everything is possible and so is a UBI. And what almost every analysis does not consider, is that a UBI will promote growth to the benefit of all. Think positive.

Please join with us and make this a much better society.

The founder of UBIPA and manager is Colin Hargreaves (PhD). He was born in England in 1950 and moved to Australia in 1987. He was a lecturer in Quantitative Social Science at the University of Kent from 1977 to 1987, then, for a year,1985, a visiting professor at the University of Otago, New Zealand, followed by joining the University of New England, in 1987, where he set up the Economic Modelling Bureau of Australia Inc. He has also campaigned strongly on climate change (see Act on Climate, aoc.org.au). He retired in 2010 but returned to university life to write a thesis on US Executive Remuneration and Productivity, 2010 to 16. 

For the last 4 years, he has lived a great deal in France, where he was trapped by the Morrison Government's covid-19 rules for 8 months in 2020. After 4 cancelled flights, extraordinary stress and suffering, he managed. to return and has since campaigned for Australians trapped abroad. He hopes that given Australians travel problems in general, people will become more sympathetic to the tens of thousands trapped abroad for months. unable to join their families. His concern for the pernicious detrimental side-effects of the current Australian welfare system that appears to have done little to alleviate poverty in Australia, has led him to believe strongly in the need for a UBI and hence create UBIPA. He has 4 children and 7 grandchildren, plays piano and chess and loves canoeing and sailing.

 Managers/Directors are voluntary positions.